We’re sick of the way things are: what now? The industrial food system may seem invincible, but it’s not; we can replace it with one we work to create. Just one generation ago, our parents had access to a local food shed -find out who we are!
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It all starts with the Old Grove Farm Share Рa weekly installment of  delicious fruits and vegetables grown right here in Southern California. We drop it off at a Farm Club, Health Hub near your home; we farm, you eat!
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You found us! With the Asian Citrus Psyllid poised to take over our groves, Eat2Keep isn’t quite enough anymore. Find out more about what’s happening to the IOC, the way it’s evolving, and how you can still get your weekly dose of SoCal oranges. ¬†
IOC Version 2.0


Southern California is the birthplace of the American orange business, but suburban sprawl and the Asian Citrus Psyllid have killed our groves…for now. Learn more about “Save Groves, Eat a Zucchini” and what you can do to help!
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